Crowdholding FAQ


What’s the Crowdholding platform? How does it work?

The Crowdholding platform is an efficient way for people to communicate. It has a modern forum structure — similar to Quora or Stackexchange — with a few crucial differences. Unlike other platforms where people are rewarded with virtual brownie points, we are rewarding people with YUP tokens which have tangible value. For simply joining a discussion, voicing your opinion, or sharing some of your experience on Crowdholding, you can get a reward out of it.

Do you have a prototype/MVP (minimum viable product)?

Yes — We launched alpha In October 2016, and have been in open beta since March 2017. Give it a try! We’re working hard on developing it further. Check out our roadmap for more info.

What are YUP tokens and why are they needed?

YUP tokens are simply a cryptocurrency on, which represent value in the same way a fiat currency does. They are used by companies to reward users for activity in the community.

Why is there such a big difference between the success threshold and the hard cap?

The success threshold is there to ensure that we raise enough capital to launch our core product. The hard cap is there to allow for expansion of our platform to encompass the future vision more quickly. Rather than taking years to scale up to achieve a true alternative economy, more funds would give us the opportunity to get it up and running more quickly, which is hugely advantageous considering competition.

How are you different from KickICO/

KickICO and are great platforms which cover an aspect of what we do — trying to solve the problem startups face with raising capital. However, our goal is ultimately more community focused (think reddit, stack exchange, quora), and at least initially, the value flow is in the other direction — from companies to the public.

What’s the minimum investment? What currencies can we invest with?

There’s no minimum investment. For now the easiest way to invest is via Ether, but we are setting up a process for bitcoin. Update to come soon.

What exchanges will you be on and when?

We are in active talks with several major exchanges, but we do not want to be specific, so as not to endanger current negotiations. We have also offers from several smaller exchanges and currently evaluating them, what other exchanges would be beneficial both for our customers and our token to help our platform succeed.

What’s your business model? How will generate revenue?

There are 2 main revenue streams.

1) The co-creation revenue stream: Every startup pledges 1-5% of their revenue to the crowd (ie supporters) and Crowdholding retains 10% of the total amount shared.
2) The raising capital revenue stream. After projects have gathered sufficient following, they will be able to raise capital through ICO on Crowdholding. Crowdholding will take a 5% cut of the amount raised.

Why should I be part of the ‘crowd’ on your platform?

Crowdholding is a way to actually get in touch with companies. Share your knowledge or opinions in a vibrant community, and get rewarded with YUP tokens. Check our more details on our ICO page here:

What’s the expected value growth potential of the YUP token?

Value of YUP token comes from number of users and businesses on our platform. Since businesses will buy tokens from token holder, users/investors, we have built an inherent demand for YUP in the platform and the investor wanting to invest into the businesses on our platform will have to buy YUPs. Then the value growth potential is the crowdsourcing and crowdfunding market.

How many tokens did you create? How many will be burned?

All together we are creating 445,000,000 tokens. We will be selling 44.2% in our ICO. As a reminder, all remaining tokens unsold will be burned to keep the Yupie strong when it goes on the exchange.

What does your smart contract do?

The smart contract automates the process of receiving Ether, and distributing YUP.

Why we have included funds raised in the pre-ICO in our progress bar?

Because we have set smart contract that total of 45%(44.2%+0.8%) of YUP pool will be publicly sold, so it is natural to include pre-ICO in our progress since smart contract identifies no difference between pre-ICO and ICO tokens distributed.


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