LokChain — Combining Mobile. Blockchain and IoT to Create Interblockchain.

We are happy to announce that LokChain has joined the Crowdholding platform and have launched their project page with a task.

Their mission is to develop an ecosystem consisting of protocols, a platform and suite of technologies that improve and securely integrate distributed ledgers, mobile and IoT.

LokChain is a hybrid Distributed Ledger Technology which taps into NEM (Smart asset), Hashgraph (Gossip protocol, a-BFT), IoTA (Local consensus) and ECSMID (IoT benevolent Cryptography; 2048 bits encryption derived from AES). They took the best features from the best of the best and added a few more advanced features of their own. This qualifies LokChain to the membership of Blockchain 4.0 (4th Generation BCT) family.

They are currently in the Pre-STO stage. If you want to read more about their project or read their whitepaper you can do this by clicking here.

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