Part 2: YUP Bonuses and Roadmap

As you probably know, the price of ETH has raised a lot recently, and therefore so has the price of YUP tokens. To compensate for this, we decided to apply a retro-active bonus to everyone who has already bought YUP.

Our goals remain as follows:

  • Improve the platform to effectively manage 30,000 users by July 2018
  • Raise $1,000,000 and close the ICO with a solid business structure
  • List the YUP token on exchanges (Coinhub and others)
  • Host 30 businesses by 31 March 2018,increasing the demand for YUP

Before going to exchange platforms, we will allow investors (pre-ICO) to sell their YUP tokens to businesses and investors. This will be done through an internal marketplace feature in our webapp, and will be accompanied by many other features we are keen to launch!

Bonus Structure

All investors (including both pre-ICO and ICO) will receive a 300% bonus. Thus, if you own 3000 YUP, following this bonus you will own 12,000 YUP before going on the exchange. This bonus does not apply to bounty holders as the focus is on protecting the value of investments. The Bounty campaign will continue until we reach the 1% as initially set in the token distribution chart.

The ratio will stay exactly the same as shown on this pie chart. After bonuses are sent out, the remaining YUP tokens will be burned to correlate with the YUPIE tokens distribution breakdown.

Burning breakdown

After the 300% bonus is applied, all un-allocated tokens will be destroyed. This will leave roughly 33,000,000 YUP tokens in circulation. Keep in mind the bonus structure for amount invested is still in effect during the ICO.

Bonuses for amount invested is still in affect as shown from this bar graph

Therefore, the exact amount of tokens burned is slightly subject to change, depending of the size of individual investments en route to the end of the ICO. The chart below shows the calculation of the breakdown.

ETH price cannot be predicted, so be aware of ETH price adjustment

The overall outcome has all investors hold 45% of the pool when we go on the exchange, with a pre-ICO lock of three months following launching. Due to being a low-hype project with evidence of a qualified team and a steady development rate, get ready to be pleasantly surprised for the future growth on all areas of our business. The only way is Yup!