TraDEXsocial — The Complete Crypto Ecosystem

We are delighted to announce that TraDEXsocial has joined the Crowdholding platform and have launched their project page with a task.

What is TraDEXsocial?

TraDEXsocial is a combination of a user friendly web-based mining client and a decentralized social trading crypto exchange. This creates the first complete crypto ecosystem able to guide people through their crypto experience. On their platform you can mine cryptocurrency on any smart device and copy the most profitable traders multiplying your earnings without the prior need of relevant knowledge.

The TraDEXsocial ecosystem is designed equally for people unfamiliar with the crypto market and for experienced users looking for new ways to maximize their earnings. Follow or copy the best traders using a sophisticated new ranking algorithm until you are knowledgeable and confident to start earning TraDEXsocial tokens yourself by simply letting others copy your successful deals.

If you want to read more about their platform you can do so by clicking here.

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