Traxia joins Crowdholding

We are pleased to announce that Traxia has joined the Crowdholding platform and will launch their project page and task today.

Traxia is creating an ecosystem allows short-term assets to be digitized, tokenized and ultimately to be tradeable in a decentralized market. In the current paper based system, invoices can remain unpaid for a substantial amount of time. This lack of liquidity can be detrimental to a sellers’ short-term cash flow, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

Traxia’s revolutionary system would allow sellers to upload their invoice, buyers to approve it with their private keys, Issuing Providers to write it into a smart contract, Liquidity Providers to distribute cash liquidity, Listing providers to manage the marketplace and Investors to trade the newly created digital assets. They are currently in their Pre-Sale stage.

If you want to find out more about their token or read their whitepaper, click here.

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