Lottery Pool Management Anywhere

Are you and your friends avid lottery players?

Entering a lottery pool has become a rite of passage in any office environment. The days of going at it alone are long gone, and people play the lottery in groups in order to increase their chances of winning. The largest jackpot in U.S. Powerball history was $1,586,400,000. That’s a lot of money, and no less belittled by splitting it up into a group!

So with group lottery being where the action is at, there comes a lot of extras with it. Managing numbers, taking pictures of tickets, contacting people in your group one at a time with history information- the list goes on and on, and unfortunately managing a group lottery becomes a part-time job rather than an opportunity to change your life.

Enter SmartCaptain, the COMPLETE Lottery App

For IPhone & Android

Imagine dwindling down all the time you spend managing a group lotto into mere minutes with the help of an all-inclusive smartphone app. SmartCaptain is how the high rollers do lotto, and has evolved from a small lottery app into the must have version it is now.

Now you can manage multiple lottery groups rather than small ones, and all without breaking a sweat. SmartCaptain is built to make your life easier by automating repetitive tasks and keeping you a touch away from everyone in the group. In short, SmartCaptain transforms you from a lottery manager into a lottery master!


All of these features are included, and the list keeps growing as the app improves.

  • Take pictures of your lottery tickets to automatically recognize the numbers
  • Automatically compare winning numbers against scanned numbers
  • Notifies of winnings in the pool and individually
  • Share ticket images with the group via social media, SMS or even email
  • Track payments of all members in the pool even if it is different amounts
  • Use the built in histogram to compare stats
  • Data analyzer can choose recommended numbers for winning based off of a pattern
  • ROI stats are clear and easy to navigate through

SmartCaptain is the premiere lottery management app to purchase if you’re serious about playing the lottery. Even for individual users there is a benefit, because the only thing more important than money is time!

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— William