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2. The information displayed as latest lottery result or pop up alerts represent the best efforts of the Company. We do not guarantee the immediate notification after each draw.

3. The lottery services currently accessible via this lottery mobile app offer Scan and recognize lottery ticket, calendar to easily navigate through drawing and winnings history, Quick Pick numbers based on history winning analysis, Manage (add, edit, delete) your purchased numbers/tickets and save them on the device, Get winning numbers, next draw date, and the jackpot information in one view and Calculate, save, and accumulate prize automatically.

4. References to these lotteries refer to any iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad which maybe used to download and access the mobile “app” and any other mobile device which has URL access which maybe used to access this app site. Further types of devices maybe supported from time to time. Please contact the Administrator / Moderator / Support of this application if you have queries in this application.

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