Cryptocurrency and ICO

The latest evolution in the technology world that is presently causing a major disruption in the world is the invention of cryptocurrency. This is spreading across all major sectors/industries of the world. The potential of cryptocurrency is very massive and it has the potential to turn anybody to a millionaire overnight without prior knowledge or technical-know-how. Hence the reason more people are getting involved in the system.

Crowdnext is a next generation crowd capital venture capital powered by the blockchain technology. Crowdnext vision is to develop blockchain technologies to disrupt the venture capital sector with the first of its kind of liquid and comprehensive VC fund, the mission of the company is set on the new age of digital currency. Crowdnext has made venture capital accessible to any investor, unlike traditional venture capital is restricted accreditor investor.

Cryptocurrency is causing a digital revolution that is presently causing a disruption in the way funds are used to transact, save and carry out business between two or more people. The technology behind cryptocurrency is the blockchain that is ensuring that the problem of security is solved when carrying out a transaction.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency used for making secure and instant financial transaction anywhere in the world. It is a decentralized network, not issued or under control of any bank or government-it’s managed by the users. It is improving the financial transaction the way email improved communication by making it fast and cheap, bitcoin is an upgrade to existing payments methods which were not designed for the internet era.


The advent of cryptocurrency has birthed a lot of ICOs in which crowdnext is one of them. ICO which is called Initial coin offering entails selling of new cryptocurrency to the public at a discount rate or at a token. This is done with the intent of raising money for the new startup if eventually the crypto becomes viable and surges up in value-often based on speculation, the investor has made a profit. It has the same model as the stock exchange.

The most lucrative of all cryptocurrency in the market is bitcoin. It seems all other crypto responds to the increase or decrease in the price of bitcoin. The rate at which is soaring daily is something to be lauded, despite a lot of conspiracy theory and crackdown from the various government. Mid-September the Chinese government cracked down on ICO and cryptocurrency in the country. This led to a bubble in the price of cryptocurrency, with a lot of analysts speculating that the end of cryptocurrency is near. Bitcoin recovered miraculously from these and have grown rapidly ever since.

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