Preparing to launch social experiment wrapped around a crowdfunding campaign (or vice versa)

Open to considering using an ebook cover you design

Presenting the initial cover design of the ebook I’m gifting to everyone who is going to support our upcoming crowdfunding campaign for the “Social movements powering the future of money” ebook. (Thank you in advance!!)

It will be a compilation of some articles I’ve written and published online, with editing by Kamiel Choi.

Our emergent social experiment to facilitate strangers ANYWHERE to power the shift to abundance from the ground up is now expected out in February, 2017 (pending pilot website completion. That will help determine who to share net proceeds of this crowdfunding campaign with).

Key word is e m e r g e n t because the shift to abundance will depend on you.

Since “Each of us has the perfect gift to give the world … if we are able to each give what’s so uniquely ours — won’t we be able to create magic for and with each other?”

That sums up the gist of the experiment.

Hope you like the cover design. As I’m no designer, I’m open to considering using a better design than the one I did (yes, I designed this cover). Please ping them my way by end January 2017 or share that here.

Also, if you know someone who supplies recycling bags in Singapore, can you have him/her get in touch, please at crowdpowers <at> By end January 2017 works.

With your help and support, I’m hoping to include that as a crowdfunding perk. IF you have any better suggestions, DO let me know.

Still undecided about the crowdfunding platform to use so suggestions are really MOST welcome … prefer one with a fairly extensive reach, proven globally, as this is a global ground up initiative to see if strangers anywhere can build trust with one another.

A new (as in different from the dorminant culture of Scarcity) way of thinking, doing and sharing …

Till the next time, Betty

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