I fully get the underlying rationale of the experiment you champion, as well as fundamental causes…
Norman Buffong

Thanks, Norman but for fundamental causes and effects of the pervasive scarcity mindset, you may wish to check out:


In the video, some people I interviewed for “Social movements powering the future of money, Vol 1” ebook share their takes about the impact of money and the psychology of scarcity.

Fyi, we tried Indiegogo a few years ago and subsequently decided to give GoGetFunding a shot as they seem more flexible than Indiegogo and Kickstarter. May I know if you have tried the two platforms you mentioned, pls.

In case you’ve not checked it out yet, our crowdfunding campaign: https://gogetfunding.com/wepowerabundance/

Taking pre-orders of the ebook I mentioned as well as offering co-creating perks for this social experiment to observe people’s behaviors towards our shared future.

Originally, we wanted to develop a website for this too but after a frustrating 2–3 months and towards the end, spending too much money for nothing with two so-called world class developers, we pivoted and split the social experiment into two parts.

If the initial phase tanks, there won’t be a second phase.

Also, the journey to abundance is about self-discoveries vs attending training courses, reading training materials or emulating someone else but thanks for offering contact particulars.

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