crowdshare Feature Update: May 14th, 2015

I want to start this post by giving a shout out to all of our new users. The past two weeks have been nothing short of incredible, and we’re so happy to have these fantastic new artists on crowdshare.

This post will focus on the upcoming feature update — which should be completed before the close of this week. We are a little behind schedule, and I’ll have to apologize for my previous blog post. Admittedly, it was a bit ambitious. Let’s get into it.

Social Share — As you may have noticed after clicking a crowdshare image to get a better look, we have implemented social sharing. It’s something we’ve meant to introduce for some time, and not just because it helps us out as a company, but also because we had a ton of requests for it. It wound up taking a little longer than expected because of the technical framework crowdshare is built on, however, it is now up and running — and working well. Feel free to share your work on Facebook, Twitter, google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Reddit, StumbleUpon and even

Feed Curation — This is something we’ve planned on implementing for some time. The way it will work is relatively straightforward. On your first login, you will be presented with a modal that asks if you’re interested in seeing each category in your feed, i.e., digital art, photography, traditional art, animation and comics. You will choose yes or no for each, and your choices will create your personally curated feed subscriptions. This will be the second of three tabs that you will have on your feed. The first will be your current feed setting: artists you follow. The third I will discuss next.

Favorites: These have been long in the works and were more a question of design than anything else. We went back and forth on whether we should limit the number of favorites, include them into our trending algorithm and where they should be positioned on crowdshare. As you already know, they will be the third tab on your feed. We’ve decided not to include them in the algorithm, for the time being; however, they will likely play a role in the future. The same goes for the limit on favorites. We think it’s reasonable for us to set a limit, but until further notice, you can favorite as many images as you’d like! Your favorites tab will group your favorite crowdshare pieces — making them accessible at any time.

We have some smaller changes that will improve the crowdshare experience, but are probably not worth covering in detail. To name a few: 3-column layout option, Remember me and mobile upload improvements. Needless to say, there is a lot we’re working on.

Thanks for reading, and as always, feel free to reach out if you have any questions or suggestions about anything at all. We love feedback as it helps us constantly improve crowdshare.

Before I go, I want to not only thank our new users again, but also give a giant virtual group hug to our crowdshare veterans who have been with us since the early days. You’re awesome, and we’re so grateful to have you on crowdshare.

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