Crowdfunding Software: A Complete White Label Solution

Crowdfunding, crowdsourcing, and crowdlending have been few of the most popular and favorite business startup ideas for entrepreneurs around the world. Looking at popularity but lack of reliable, robust, feature-rich crowdfunding platform software, we at decided to help entrepreneurs start their own crowdfunding platform with their own niche using our white label crowdfunding software solution. But what is white-label crowdfunding software? Let’s understand it first.

What is white-label crowdfunding software?

What is White Label Crowdfunding Software?

As an entrepreneur, you try to fix a particular problem using your unique approach and idea, but fulfilling your dream is not easy if you try to do-it-yourself. After all re-inventing a wheel may include making mistakes, time-consuming and costly.

White-label software is a popular approach by software vendors who sell an unbranded piece of software to resellers or end users who then rebrand it as per their needs. White label software allows resellers and end-users to fully customize the product with their own logo, brand, and identity allowing customers to associate the product with the reseller.

Similarly, we at are offering several types of white label crowdfunding software using which entrepreneurs can start their own fully operational crowdfunding platform rapidly without worrying about reinventing the crowdfunding software wheel their own from scratch and stay away from overspending and common mistakes.

Technologies Involved

Our white label crowdfunding software is built on high-end, robust and secure technology stack visualized below.

Crowdfunding Software Technology Stack

How much our crowdfunding software costs?

We understand your business and your budget, that is why when it comes to cost we have the most competitive and flexible pricing models available for our crowdfunding software to suit needs of small startup business to large enterprise business.

Also based on our the variety of crowdfunding software solutions, type of complexity and efforts needed, we have different pricing plans available for each of them you can check links below.

Our pre-developed crowdfunding software solutions are

Donation Crowdfunding Software

Whether you are a small startup or an enterprise with 1000+ employees in multiple countries. Our donation crowdfunding software will help you start a GoFundMe style crowdfunding platform to allow your local community, employees help raise funds for a social cause. Donation crowdfunding is the best solution for NGOs and social entrepreneurship to help bring a change into society by bringing good and helpful people on the same platform.

Donation Crowdfunding Terminologies
  • Entrepreneurs eager to help local communities, individuals raise fund for a social or personal cause just like &
  • Social entrepreneurs with unique product or service ideas to solve community-based problems.
  • NGOs & Charity Organizations to help fund community, a large group of underprivileged people, refugees, victims of social-political-corporate injustice and natural calamities.
  • Large-sized Enterprises seeking to help society as part of social responsibilities or CSR activities as well as help employees fund their personal cause via internal crowdfunding.

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Reward Crowdfunding Software

When crowdfunding is discussed, how can we forget Kickstarter and IndieGoGo? These crowdfunding platform giants are occupying most of the portion of crowdfunding pie. Kickstarter and IndieGoGo are well-known reward-based crowdfunding platform helps startups, entrepreneurs, developers, artists, musicians, filmmakers, writers, and designers help raise fund for their creative ideas and products.

Reward crowdfunding is the best fit for enterprise as well as startups looking to help fund unique product ideas from the community and employees.

Reward Crowdfunding Terminologies
  • Entrepreneurs, Startups, and leaders from a niche market or industry to bring change in the industry by helping like-minded people raise funds for their creative ideas and products.
  • E-commerce companies to help startups and product manufacturers to come up with brand new product ideas on the e-commerce platform and gauge product acceptance and buyer’s behavior.
  • Universities, Colleges and schools to encourage talented students to bring new ideas to the table which has the ability to change the world.
  • Large-sized Enterprises as part of innovation management in order to bring creative ideas from employees, crowdsourcing a product idea, understanding market and customer’s behavior, access to early capital & alternative financing.

Read more here on why the crowdfunding approach is a game changer for enterprises.

Equity Crowdfunding Software

Equity crowdfunding is a process of funding unlisted company which is not yet listed on a stock market looking to have access to a large amount of working capital(probably more than $100,000). The company can offer shares to its investors in exchange for their investments.

Our equity crowdfunding software is not limited to only raising funds as equity. It can be used to offer several different deals to investors like debt, convertible notes, revenue sharing, and royalty.

Equity Crowdfunding Terminologies
  • Capital & Funding agencies already having a small or large number of investors and onboard in one hand and companies and business looking for funds for working capital.
  • Investment advisors, portfolio management & asset management companies to better manage portfolios of investors, generate more leads and generate more revenue for the company.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Software

Real estate is very similar to equity crowdfunding but specifically designed and developed for the real estate industry. Real estate developers can announce their funding requirements via a crowdfunding campaign and investors can fund those campaigns in order to earn returns.

Real estate developers can offer various incentives or returns to the investors which may or may not be in form of monetary. Investors invest in property development projects to receive equity, interest, property or rental in exchange for their investment.

Real Estate Crowdfunding Terminologies

P2P Lending Software

P2P lending is also known as “social lending” is a disruptive and game-changing approach with the use of latest technology. This approach has changed the way people used to borrow money with a conventional method of borrowing money from banks. P2P lending connects lenders and borrowers on the same platform with attractive interest rates by removing the middle man.

P2P lending came into existence to solve ease money borrowing experience for individuals and small business by reducing paperwork and quick loan approval, whereas it offers high returns to lenders which can help diversify lender’s portfolio.

P2P Lending Terminologies
  • NGOs & Charity organizations can start a micro-lending platform(minimum lending starts as low as $10-$25) to lend small loans to poor shopkeepers, agriculture and poultry farmers, students and small business owners and help earn living for them just like
  • Investment and financing agencies can start digital lending to lend loans to small and medium-sized enterprises and earn revenues by replacing the conventional way of lending money.
  • Invoice discounting and financing agencies to help make cash flow available to small, medium and large-sized enterprises by selling their invoices payable in future just like,, &
  • Large-sized Enterprises to lend required loan funds available to employees whenever needed and later to adjust those loans against their salary or gratuity and provident funds.

Contact us here, if you have any question regarding our crowdfunding software listed above or can’t find your crowdfunding software niche as at we are also dealing with custom crowdfunding software development.

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