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Today I’m sharing my favorite climate and sustainability-related books. I decided to have a little bit of fun and weave the titles into an overarching message (you can also find the full list of books with links and descriptions below).

I’ve chosen the following books because they’ve given me new perspectives and historical context. They’ve identified solutions to accelerate, strategies to follow, and illustrated aspects of a better future we can strive for.

In short, they’ve helped to evolve my understanding about where we stand today, how we got here, and guidance on ways to move forward.


As you…

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I don’t know about you, but I got another wave of deep relief last week. Possibly the most powerful person in the world has just changed from someone who was actively making the climate crisis worse, to someone who is working to rapidly accelerate climate solutions.

That is a huge step in the right direction. And I think it’s worth celebrating (best to appreciate our wins and find joy where we can right?).

I’ve got two things for you this week!

I hope all is well with you!

As we near the end of 2020, I’ve started to reflect on where we stand and found myself looking for reasons to be hopeful.

For starters, the vaccine is here (thank you scientists!). We can finally see the light at the end of this awful tunnel.

Also, in the northern hemisphere, we are approaching the winter solstice on Monday, the 21st — the sun’s lowest and shortest trek across the sky.

So our days will literally only be getting brighter for the next 6 months 🙂

For a fun visual, the longest photograph ever taken was recently published. …

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Photo by Francisco Moreno on Unsplash

Mixing it up a bit today with a quick 5-minute podcast episode called “Climate Grief = Love”. Never done this before so let me know what you think!

To be honest, I recorded this in December to capture my thoughts while out on a walk…never thought I’d share it with anyone else, but I just listened to it and like it so here we are haha. For those who are offended by swearing — I do, uncharacteristically, drop an f-bomb. You’ve been warned.

Hope you enjoy!

Useful tip from an anxiety expert:

“Instead of fearing the fear, see it…

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Carl Sagan

Two quick things for you this week.

First — Hallelujah! Seriously, what a relief.

I hope you have celebrated and found some moments of peace :)

More than 78 million Americans stood up and voted to get Trump out of power.

(Of course, Trump is still doing everything he can to bypass democracy and stay in power though…so our work isn’t totally done yet.)

But assuming justice prevails here, we have avoided four more years of the United States federal government actively making the climate crisis worse.

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Photo by Gustavo Quepón on Unsplash

Acting on climate simultaneously improves every other important issue we care about

First, a little perspective.

“The climate crisis is not just another issue. It is an era.” — Alex Steffen

That’s because our climate is the context in which everything else takes place. We rely on it for everything.

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I’ve got something a bit different for you this week.

But first things first. A friendly reminder that the 2020 US election ends tomorrow.

Your vote matters. And just as important, you are a trusted messenger for your friends, family, and colleagues. Get the discussion going and encourage them to vote as well!

You can find resources for voting and getting out the vote at the end of this “The most important action of the year” article. …

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Need some good news?

I know I do. Which is why I was thrilled to read this article by Nathaniel Stinnett: “The Climate Voters Are Coming”.

In 2016, only 2% of US voters said climate change was the issue they cared about most.

In 2018, that number more than tripled to 7% of voters.

And now, despite all the chaos of 2020 and large negligence of the media, the number of climate voters continues to surge.

Today, 12% of likely voters now say climate change is their number one priority.

Talk about momentum.

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Credit: Borka Kiss / Alamy Stock Photo

As Benjamin Franklin walked out of the Constitutional Convention in 1787, Elizabeth Powel asked him, “Well Doctor, what have we got? A republic or a monarch?”

He replied:

“A republic, if you can keep it.” — Benjamin Franklin

Yes, based on Trump’s repeated words and actions, I believe we need to at least think through the worst case scenarios now in the US: that he undermines the election and refuses to leave.

“If we are wise, let us prepare for the worst.” — George Washington

More on our democracy crisis in a little.

But first, let’s be clear on one…

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Credit: Borka Kiss / Alamy Stock Photo

I would regret keeping my mouth shut on this…part of me already regrets keeping it shut for this long.

The United States of America

I am terrified of what’s happening in the US right now — of the road we’re on and continue to head down.

My country is crumbling.

But few, within the US at least, seem to fully grasp just how far down this dangerous road we’ve already come…or how much worse it could get.

Democracy is built on “free and fair” elections. Yet the government is actively working to suppress the vote (more than usual) in a variety of ways.

Most notably…

Crowdsourcing Sustainability

Reversing global warming is humanity’s #1 priority. I write to help crowdsource sustainability for a safer, healthier world.

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