A Little Math For You

Did some math the other night.

My band, World At Large, is not particularly famous. But, we have released 4 albums. The last and self titled one, was released this fall, October 7th to be precise. We release our albums through digital distributor CD-Baby, which for a small fee distributes the album to all significant streaming and download services.

CD-Baby offers a detailed accounting overview which allows us to calculate how much $$ a stream creates. Since we own our own music we receive everything that comes in, minus the microscopic cut CD-Baby takes.

We’ve had approximately 20 000 streams total on our songs from the new album since October 7th on Spotify. That has generated a total of $ 20. A bit of math tells us that a single stream then generates $0,001 for us. Or to put it another way: 200 streams generates $ 0,2.

Remember; this is not counting the other streaming services or plays on our previous albums which also contributed to the $ 20. So the number is even lower. Taking into account that many artist have to share their revenue with other contributors one may wonder if today’s streaming services, for artists anyway, ever will be more than just a marketing channel.

Luckily we have been trying out www.crowdsurf.no for a few months. The monthly support we receive from our followers here has allowed us to release one album, but also to start working on the next. Most of our followers support us with $ 5 a month, the same amount we make off 5000 streams. #crowdsurfforever#www.crowdsurf.no