Cultura Colectiva Is Beating Their Rivals and They Credit Their CrowdTangle Strategy

Alejandro Campos (director of content) and Pamela Soria Martínez (head of content intelligence), in front of their CrowdTangle Live Displays (bottom).

Mexico’s Cultura Colectiva has exploded to become one of the top sites in Mexico since its founding in 2013. And they’ll be the first ones to tell you they did it off of strategic data and analytics.

By using a mixture of CrowdTangle’s Live Displays (pictured), Intelligence, search, and video analytics, they’ve honed a social media strategy that has helped them climb the leaderboard against their competition — scaling as high as the third most visited digital native site in the Native Media category, according to a regional list made by El Economista and comScore.

We sat down with Alejandro Campos, director of content, to find out exactly how the digital upstart uses CrowdTangle, and how it has led to their success.

First: You Should Get the Whole Team Involved

Campos has rolled CrowdTangle out to the entire newsroom, and tells us the editorial, news and video teams are all using Live Displays to meet their goals.

The video team, for example, uses the dashboard’s simple interface to assess how much traction a video post is getting, and how much growth Colectiva is seeing versus competitors.

Editorial looks at trends within their verticals — lifestyle publications and competitors in Mexico City — to find story ideas.

The news team uses Live Displays to see how news is being framed for different social platforms to better optimize their content.

Campos himself also tracks Reddit constantly to find potential viral story hits.

Second: You Should 100% Check Out the Search Feature

Colectiva is hyper-focused on CrowdTangle’s Saved Search feature to see what Pages are driving conversation around niche topics that their audience and community engage with. They then use the feature to decide which Facebook format to tell that story in. They’ve been successful with infographics and video to date.

“If it wasn’t for CrowdTangle, we wouldn’t know the Pages that are talking about niche subjects our audience gravitates to,” Campos says.

The saved search feature has helped Campos and team find potential syndication partnerships — they’ll use the Saved Search Leaderboard to see which accounts are driving a lot of interactions around specific topics, and then use Intelligence to see how the potential partner’s engagement stacks up, to decide if its a viable relationship from a business perspective.

Third: Use Intelligence to fine-tune strategies

Colectiva has been using CrowdTangle’s Intelligence feature to track their own page performance and compare how they’re doing against key competitors. They’ve also used the feature to identify high-performing pages they could form a partnership with.

“Over the last 3 months we’ve emphasized audience development,” Campos says. “We’ve been using CrowdTangle to identify engaged audiences and find relevant content or stories that we can use in our daily strategy.”

“The most interesting thing has been using CrowdTangle to develop new audiences.”

CrowdTangle helps companies find amazing content. Go to our website to request an invite.

CrowdTangle helps companies find amazing content. Go to our website to request an invite.