Crowdvilla — Veiris Partnership

Crowdvilla is excited to announce we will be working with Veiris ( to ensure that our global community of users can quickly and securely sign up to our platform, while safeguarded against fraud.

Veiris is an identity verification company which will help us with our Know Your Customer onboarding process. They have developed advanced face analysis technologies which can capture and analyze IDs from 62 different countries and verify you in real time. Their solution is built on a powerful blockchain ecosystem, offering the highest security and privacy measures, and enabling us to manage all information locally with no data ever leaving our server environment.

Veiris can also detect fake IDs. The technology will match your passport and identification documents perfectly to your face, preventing any fraud from entering our booking platform. All our new users can sign up and be verified in a matter of minutes, rest assured that their identities and personal information is safe.

The Crowdvilla team are looking forward to having you all onboard very soon!