Must Have Travel Items

Aug 23, 2018 · 2 min read

Traveling is one of the great joys in life — experiencing new places and meeting new people makes for amazing memories to last a lifetime. But we all know there’s another side to that: the hassle of packing and planning, or the annoyance of long traveling times.

Here’s 5 items that can make your travels easier!

Good Carry On Luggage

Going for a short getaway or business trip? Make sure your carry-on luggage is well designed in order to maximise the space, without sacrificing weight or bulkiness. Having a compartmentalised bag will help in accessing important items easily, such as your passport and boarding pass. If you’re thinking of bringing your laptop along, having a built-in laptop pocket will keep it safe and easily accessible.

Try the PAKT travel bag, designed for travellers, by travellers!

Toiletry Organiser

It’s frustrating to have to gather up a bundle of items each time you want to freshen up, no matter if you’re in a hotel room or a camping tent. Using a toiletry organiser will help in keeping all the essential items ready at hand — so you don’t have to hunt through your luggage to find it all either! For extra handiness, get one with a hook

Spill-proof Bottles

While you’re at it, get yourself a bunch of spill-proof toiletry bottles for your liquids! Many a mood (and bag) has been ruined by spilled shampoo, so have some ease of mind instead. There are many different types of spill-proof bottles, with different materials and usability for different types of toiletries. Before purchase, make sure the type of bottle is suitable for the liquid you want to contain. This helpful comparison outlines some of the differences between bottles.

All-in-One Charger

There are a multitude of charging cables out there — micro USB, USB C, lightning cable — even the old iPhone chargers. With so many different electronic devices that are now essential to our daily use, having at least one cable of each type is just playing it safe. But honestly, who wants to carry around a bunch of cables? Especially with their tendency to tangle. Invest in an all-in-one charger, a handy, small device with multiple connectors that even allow you to charge multiple devices at once.

Take a look at the Volta Charger !

Universal Travel Adapter

Speaking of charging your devices, one of the most important things you’ll need is a travel adapter. It’s not easy to remember which countries have which plugs — so just get one that fits all!

Check out the EPICKA travel adapter — it also comes with USB 3.0 ports to allow you to charge directly via cable!

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