How do I Brexit out of here…?

I’m ambivalent about the European Union — the dynamic it has created between East and West, North and South. The way we live every day, inequalities cemented by the EU — maybe, deepened by the EU; the vacuum it represents in politics.

But the Brexit which we have a result of a referendum, right here, right now, is a nightmare. In desperate hope I wrote to some sympathetic political insider acquaintances — somehow, I think Labour is the only organisation that can save us — the UK working class — from the self-harm that an unplanned, chaotic and farcical departure will inflict.

Here’s the letter.

“I’m writing to you with a degree of desperation at recent events. I’ll keep it short.

Right now in June 2016 there is no way that a UK government can proceed with invoking Article 50 without causing significant and lasting damage to the people that Labour represents, and the integrity of the UK.

- In Scotland, it is likely to result in a rushed exit from the UK, but one in which the new nation state may be forced to adopt the Euro, which is likely to inflict harsh austerity. The idea of an accession EU state somehow retaining a weakened sterling controlled by London doesn’t seem at all credible. It would also create another set of long, protracted renegotiations.

- A recession is going to happen, but it isn’t clear how long this will last; and whether it will be magnified by deflationary pressures from a continent which is also rattled by events

- The Tories do not have the skills or the abilities to conduct a renegotiation with the EU, WTO etc in a way which protects workers’ or the UK’s interests. They obviously have no real plan for how to proceed with exit.

- The situation in Ireland presents a particular set of difficult issues involving borders, Schengen, and political stability.

With all these questions, there is no doubt that we face a deepening crisis and real chaos which will impact working people negatively.

So far Jeremy has placed the result of the May 23rd referendum as sacred. This should not be the case, because:

- The Leave campaign deliberately mislead the electorate on the effects and possibilities resulting from a Leave vote

- There is no credible contingency plan, and no preferred relationship towards the EU has been considered

- The real damage to the economy and society inflicted by an unplanned and ill-considered vote to Leave

Therefore I propose the following:

Labour call for an immediate vote of no-confidence and General Election to be held at the earliest possible date.

At this election Labour forms a Progressive Alliance — a coalition with a stated intention to defer invocation of Article 50 for the duration of a short (two-year) Parliament. Then a second referendum can be held with a second General Election, including clear paths towards a number of agreed options — eg Remain as full member, EEA Membership, Associate Membership, etc.

As part of this short Parliament I would also suggest a form of PR can also be introduced.

Thanks for your time.”

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