Why Choose Wooden Lockers over Other Locker Types?

Wooden lockers are your best choice and here are the reasons why:

Wood is an upscale material

Wooden lockers can either be veneer or solid wood. Commonly used in luxurious golf and country clubs, wooden lockers add a more upscale appearance and enhance the ambience of locker rooms. There is an extensive selection of wood and stained finishes to choose from.

Wood is the best recruiting tool

Wooden lockers have the strongest appeal. Any furniture made from wood automatically gives a luxurious feel. Wooden lockers are also more difficult to manufacture which makes them even more specialised. Quality wooden lockers ooze quality and reflect well on your judgement, giving your clients a great first impression.

Wood is built to stand the test of time

Wooden lockers are made from the best raw materials and they can thrive in different environments. Some wooden lockers are exposed to moisture, especially when they are placed in showers, changing rooms, spa rooms and general sports locker rooms. Purpose built to handle heavy loads wooden lockers maintain their functionality and appearance.

Wood offers a lot of options

There are many wood locker options. They can be installed with shelves, hooks, coat hangers, dividers and even seats. Some lockers are specifically designed to hold sports equipment such as rackets, golf clubs/sets and many more.

There may be a lot of locker options out there but wooden lockers are arguably the most durable and most stylish of them all.

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