Fuck The Internet

On days like today, Sunshine, with a beautiful light beeze, in Oklahoma, light, is about 20 mph, anyway, I have to say fuck the internet.

Hell, my day started at midnight. I got several phone calls because the internet wasn’t working at work. Damn voice-over-ip phones. At a hospital at that. Consistently, throughout the day fucking with the internet, reset here, connect there. I mean come on, let me get some sunshine, please.

I should have known, growing up, that I would be a “doctor” of internet connecting. I’m not a doctor but you get the idea. I’d spend time connecting with dialup, luckily those days are over. No more dropped internet when the phone rings. Today, if the wind blows, the internet may blow down the road “fucking WiFi” and knock on the neighbors door. Hello, are you home, the Sun is shining, the grill is hot and the beer is cold?

Who needs internet? We all do, because without it, we’d be lost. We couldn’t write, unless you pick up a pen, but who has paper this day-in-age? We couldn’t complain about our day. Who’s listening anyway. Nobody wants to read our shit because their too busy complaining about the internet not working and missing out on the beautiful day ahead of us.

Internet and sunshine. Who needs to complain? Surely, not me, and definitely not you. Put down your phone and enjoy the sunshine. You’re not promised tomorrow and today is too beautiful to waste.

So, fuck the internet and get outside.