Unorthodox Thinking

The problem in today’s world is telling people so they believe that they can use their mind to better and to improve their lives. They’ll agree and listen to you, but in the end, they hear nothing at all. Thinking like the masses will never get you anywhere and we all want something better for ourselves. I have nothing against the masses thinking except for the one thing everyone should know, that is, you can control your own thoughts. People as a whole believe it is possible to control their thoughts and some think they are doing so, but they don’t realize they are not in control. I’m not writing here about who I think is in control. I am writing here to paint a big picture in enough small pieces for you to see because, like the ant, we as humans can see the small things and not the large ones, unless we open our mind.

When we are in an urgent situation and our conscious mind is needed, the fight is never against any outside sources, but against ourselves. Most orthodox thinking mind’s become blank in any extreme. They have no idea what to do and they depend on the unorthodox mind to take control and lead the way. It shows that leaders are unorthodox thinkers.

You’ll never cure yourself or others if you don’t choose to. Choose to think for yourself and question the world around you. We are told what to buy and when to make our purchases. You can see that when the lines to purchase something wraps around the corner of the store or when people are ripping each other apart to grab the items first. We have to watch how things around us are.

Eventually, we will all be stripped of our privacy because we are blind to the true facts of life. We need to open our mind — which is the one that sees, not the eyes — and see that we as American’s are the government of America. We not only need our governments help but it also needs ours. The masses push for safety through stripping privacy because they think we’ll be safer and maybe we will be, but our privacy has become a very valuable thing in today’s world because of our “safety.” And without privacy, who is safe? If you are unable to speak your mind in fear of being terminated by your job or locked up because of something you may have joked about, then what’s “safety?”

Doing and talking like everyone else isn’t what we as humans were created for. We were created to farm the lands, it says so in Genesis. It also goes on to say we shouldn’t be alone and is the reason we need a partner. If we were alone, orthodox or unorthodox thinking wouldn’t matter and the serpent would have had us cut down the tree of life. Our inferiority to the tree of life was life and it existed only before consumption and afterward, death was certain. The reason death was certain is because we were told we would die if we ate from it, which was the true thought. The serpent was slick and lied which resulted in the death of humanity, believe it or not. You’ve heard it before, the truth shall set you free, in this case, free to die. What does this have to do with mass thinking? Well, if Eve wouldn’t have listened to the serpent and used her unorthodox mind — thinking for herself instead of believing the masses — Adam wouldn’t have followed the lead of his partner. Use your mind and think for yourself, because if you remember they felt shame in their nakedness and tried to hide from God, the true unorthodox thinker.

Unorthodox thinking could have saved humanity from sure death. We as Americans would be safer because of our privacy matters. With unorthodox thinking, you’ll be able to control who you let into your mind, and you will not fall victim to negativity. When we show that we do not fear and that we are good thinkers, people in our presence are liberated. Everyone has the gift of a brilliance within them and all is needed is an unorthodox mind to unlock said gift. We need to learn to live and to do that we have to learn and to learn we have to be taught, not by the masses but by an individual who is willing to teach the masses. God was once the individual, he trained many people throughout the world who went on to train many other people. So, invest in yourself and have faith that the world can change because we all can learn to live by living with an unorthodox thinking mind. We were created in the image of God, wasn’t we?

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