Which are the best Crypto Signals Channels in 2019 (Telegram and Discord)

Everyone who strongly believe in crypto already knows that being in the loop is the key to hit a home run. What does this mean? You need to stay in touch with all those big traders in the industry, check out their technical analysis, charts, graphs, crypto signals and so on. We will talk about why people are going to telegram for trading signals and why some of those channels are so popular.

If bitcoin can be more or less stable, we can’t say the same thing about alt coins. And that’s because they can double or halve in value overnight. A lot of strange moves when you expect less. Actually, those kinds of moves can offer you nice profits if traded right. That’s why we try to provide you the best crypto signals in a single place. And I’m not talking about alt coins only because, yes, we cover margin Bitmex signals as well.

Reading this article will lead you to find out what kind of trades you prefer, where you can find the best crypto signals on telegram and how you can make profits from trading crypto in 2019

Are you a holder or a day-trader?

As you probably already knew, you can buy cryptocurrency and hold for a mid or long term. A lot of the altcoins are right now at their all-time low, so if you want to take this road, it’s perfectly fine. Just make sure you have a good entry point. From now on, this post will focus more on those who love crypto day trading.

What is a day-trader?

Obviously is someone who likes to trade cryptocurrency every day. But is that all? Of course not. Day trading is actually harder then you think, especially if terms of bitcoin, cryptocurrency, Blockchain or Binance are new for you. But we’ll assume you already know the basics and let’s get straight to the point.

Does crypto signals work?

Let’s be honest, following or being subscribed to a single signal service does not make you safe from losses whatsoever. What it does is it gives you a significant advantage of having access to the latest expert indications on the next possible power moves of specific coins or even the market as a whole. So yeah, basically it saves a great deal of your time scanning through charts, news releases, blogs and forums to filter the highest potential trade opportunities.

Now ask yourself, what happens if you could be a member of all of those major crypto signals telegram channels? Well, it sounds nice, but those Vip Channels combined would cost you an arm and a leg. Over 2 BTC each month in membership fees. It doesn’t look that good anymore.

Our solution

Crypto Magic key advantage is that we gather signals from more than 20 other respected signal channels(from Telegram and Discord) and put everything in one place. In this way not only you get the best value for money in the market, but also you get to choose from a variety of signal formats and picks the ones that you understand the clearest. You wouldn’t get that by subscribing to only one of these signal service providers.

You will probably ask yourself now which are the best crypto trading signals for day-trading. A lot of people also wonder what’s the deal with those free crypto signals. We don’t really recommend them. They are just baiting for signing up to their premium section where the magic happens.

After doing a ton of research on Telegram crypto signals channels we bought premium membership only on those who gave us good results. By the way, we’re doing this since May 2018, so we have an idea which channels are the real deal and which are blowing smoke. It wasn’t easy to sort them out since there are bazillions channels who claim are the best. We had to check their signals accuracy, their consistency, their charts quality, how often they post and a lot of other factors.

For example, some channels are just giving out signals by calling coins randomly without any technical and fundamental analysis. If you don’t believe us, just search for terms like crypto signals telegram or best crypto signals, and you will be blown away by how all those channels are bragging with their “results”.

All right, you may take this with a grain of salt. That’s why you don’t need to take our words for it. But here is a pic with the report of one of the crypto trading signals channels we have. Results speak for themselves.

Of course, picking crypto calls from a lot of premium telegram channels can be a pain in the neck. Lucky for us, we are a dedicated community of cryptocurrency trading enthusiasts, and we have a channel where we talk about various trades and calls

Our community

What are the exchanges?

Bitmex, Binance, Bittrex (+other exchanges when we call low cap gems)

How many signals?

We’re gathering a lot of premium channels so it can be up to 20 signals per day. Entry, Exit and Stop Loss targets of every trade. Signals are usually discussed in the chat section by our members.

Do you guarantee profits?

Yeah, 100% profits hourly. We’re kidding. Any smart person knows that there is no such thing as guaranteed gains. Channels who claim that are doing it for pure marketing reasons. On the other hand, we are proud to say that around 80% of the signals are triggered in profit.

What do you offer besides the calls?

  • Technical and fundamental analysis
  • Support 24/7 any questions and at any time
  • Tips and tricks on trading
  • Reports on the profit of our signals
  • Crypto Gems (High potential projects) based on fundamental analysis and insiders news. Perfect for low cap coins
  • New Coin Listing Bot: Notification when a new coin is listed on exchanges (actually we have the fastest coin listing bot ever).
Results from the last week

How can I join?

You can join us on our Discord server here. After joining, you will have instant access to all of our premium channels for 24 hours. You‘ll have enough time to check out the channels, see for how long we relay them, results and so on. After the trial is over, you can decide if you want to subscribe with us.

Why Discord?

Because is easier to group and manage all the crypto signals coming from telegram premium channels. We have separate channels for each of the groups we relay on our server.

Is this channel for everyone?

Absolutely. But if you don’t believe in the value and potential of crypto, this channel is not for you!