COM 250 Reflection 2

The two article for this week vary in that, in BioMedia for Entertainment, the authors discuss how to use plants in varying degrees of entertainment. They establish that plants can serve a deeper purpose than adding foliage to a home; they allow the owner to feel a sense of ownership, responsibility, and accomplishment that comes from taking care of the plant. The What is Biomedia piece discusses biomedia in more of a political, legislative, and health technology related way. A way in which these articles are similar is they consider “the ways in which biomedia consistently recombine the medium of biomolecular systems with the materiality of digital technology.” This quote from the What is Biomedia article refers to how the biological and digital aspects become intertwined instead of acting as separate entities. In the BioMedia for Entertainment article, an interesting health application was explained that is very similar to the other article. Basically someone could wear a heart monitor, which would track information about their heart rate throughout the day, rhythm, etc. That information would go into a computer which would then transfer into another device which would output information to a cabbage plant; based on the person’s heart health, the plant would change color to reflect the health of the heart. The person would then have an outward, external indicator of their health. This reminded me of the project we discussed in class about using sensors in plants so they could send tweets about needing to be watered at various times of the day. Cloning is mentioned in the What is Biomedia article, and I found this site to have a lot of great information.

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