Dear Recruit: Part III — 5 Things You Never Choose A School For

Football is business; a Letter of Intent is one of the most important contracts you’ll ever sign.

You already play like a gladiator on the field, but, you have to start thinking like a businessman off the field. Whether you realize it or not, your athletic skills have already ushered you into the vast world of commerce.

While you’re reading this post, I want you to forget about everything your “gut” has been telling you. Forget about what schools may “feel” right.

Businessmen have intuition and emotions, but they make decisions (especially life-altering ones) based on research and facts. In the world of business, it’s not enough to “just know it’s right.” You back every move with analytics and market tests that prove what you’re doing will benefit the bottom line.

Having been through this process before (and made many mistakes along the way), there are at least five things you should never sign with a school for.

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