FILM ROOM: Kansas State vs Texas

Longhorn Offensive Line Review

You’re going to be encouraged by what you see below. I was.

It’s not perfect, but it’s progress. Progress means a lot when you start the season 1–4. The fact that Texas is on a real, actual, winning streak is proof that things are on the up and up.

The Longhorns didn’t throw the ball much on Saturday. Jerrod Heard finished the day with only 99 yards passing. That’s almost seems like a sin in the gunslinging Big 12 conference, but you have to remember the game conditions: Central Texas was in monsoon season.

The continual torrential downpour made it a day of ground and pound, Charlie Strong football. The win was ugly, yes. But a win is a win—especially against the likes of college football hall of famer Bill Snyder.

I’m happy Longhorns fans are celebrating it. A bowl game (and a bowl win) may be just over the horizon…

The Good

Good movement by LT Williams + LG Flowers — Johnathan Gray sticks it upfield for the first down.
RG Vahe pulls and pins DE #45 inside — “Juice” Heard converts on 3rd & long.
This counter is perfect — a thing of beauty. (Great effort by TE Caleb Bluiett)
Marcus Johnson + D’Onta Foreman, y’all.
Iso — beautifully blocked, beautifully run.
This play — I’m so encouraged.
Counter: “Swoopes there it is.”

The Bad

This first down is all Swoopes. No movement — first contact is 3 yards in the backfield.
If only RG Vahe sells out to cut the backside LB… // No gain.
Corner blitz + line slant — RT Perkins gets overextended. // Sack
LT Williams gets beat on the reach, called for holding. // 1st down negated
C Doyal gives up penetration on the back block. // Tackle for loss
Hmm, something not right here…

The Random

This is the opposite of quit. Respect to Kansas State, this play embodies everything that football is about.
Bonney. Sack.
Caleb Bluiett is clutch.
Texas’ special teams… are getting better!
Peter “Two Claps and a Ric Flair” Jinkens.
Interception by Haines. Boyette with a strong assist.

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