The cloud has dramatically changed how we design software. We get infinite scalability with almost zero commitment. But it also comes at a cost. Literally.

During the past few years, my company has spent millions on Amazon Web Services. As a CTO, my goal was to increase the value of our product for our customers. I have reduced our AWS bills, with no noticeable impact for our customers and clients.

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Our AWS bills for the last few months. Scale redacted for confidentiality.

After much guesswork on how to best proceed, I was finally able to find a procedure that works. Significantly: costs have been cut in half.

In this story, I am…

Been thinking about using an iPad for web design and web development? Not a crazy idea.

This story is about how I used my iPad to create my latest web site, I’ll walk you from the initial design steps to the final product, show you the apps that I found useful, and how iPadOS made it a success, by enabling powerful workflows where a task was started within an app, and completed in another.

In this story, we’ll be taking a journey from the initial mock-up, shown left, to the final website, shown right.

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From sketch to reality

At work, I use both a MacBook and an iPad, although I do love the tablet more. However, I’ve never done…

Christopher Allène

JavaScript, AWS, React, iPad.

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