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Use this technique to improve understanding throughout your day — customer interviews, hiring, 1:1s and stakeholder management.

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Asking better questions is an extremely important skill. Much of what we do depends on building a good understanding to make better decisions. A good decision is one that doesn’t need changing (Shishir Mehrotra, 20VC) and those decisions are usually only made when there is a common understanding with those involved. So how do we build that understanding?

It’s important to realise, oftentimes, when we are engaged in dialogue, many people focus more on what they want to say next, waiting for their opportunity to jump. Stephen Covey, author of 7 Habits of Highly Effective People wrote:

Most people do not listen with the intent to understand; they listen with the intent to reply. …

A list of books with digest reviews for Product Managers at all stages of their careers

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One of my favorite parts of our product community is the chance to grab a coffee (virtual or otherwise) with others to share stories and ideas. During these conversations, I find myself recommending a certain selection of books repeatedly that really resonated with myself and also with those that read them.

In my practice of documenting topics that repeatedly come up, I thought I’d share this list.

These books fall broadly into four categories:

  • Product Culture
  • People & Leadership
  • Measurement & Performance
  • UX & Design

The list contains a wide range of topics to help you narrow down the books that are most useful for you, I’ve included a brief paragraph of why I found each book useful and the situations where I would refer back to it. If you’re just looking for the books without my commentary — scroll to the end to find it summarised in list form. …

Practical advice for Buddies and Managers to help your new joiner settle in and rock it.

I’m sure you’ve found an amazing candidate — passionate, knowledgable and keen to get started (they may have even already read How to Optimise their first 30 days). You’re going to be onboarding them by supporting them on their first steps in the company.

Onboarding a new joiner is not something to be taken on lightly. Whether you’re their manager or an onboarding buddy, your new joiner is going to be onboarding for around three months. …

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