Powerline status bar and cursor styling for Atom vim-mode

This style sheet has made me so happy, so I wanted to share it. The style is based on Powerline, which is a great status bar plugin for VIM. This gives somewhat the same effect in Atom vim-mode.


NORMAL: The status bar is clean and and can be seen out of the corner of your eye without thinking about it. Cursor and cursor-line are also green.


INSERT: the cursor is now a flashing |, the cursor-line and status bar are blue. Its not alarming, its awake and active.


VISUAL (select text)

Since I set this up I’ve found that I have to think far less about what VIM mode I’m in. I’ve certainly made less mistakes due to being in the wrong mode and not realizing it.

Add this to your Atom styles.less and season to taste:

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