Tips for Friday

I posted these practical tips on Twitter. 
Might as well share them here where things are not so ephemeral.

Do not leave ferrous metal items outside in the rain.

Clean your knife after each use.

Righty tighty, lefty loosey.

Check tire air pressure before leaving on a long car trip.

Use canned air to clean electronics with fans inside at least once every 3 months.

Butter is better for baking in almost every case, except pie crusts, for which lard is best.

When making sausage, keep the meat and fat as cold as possible during the grind process.

Hold the door for others.

Leave no food out overnight in your kitchen or campground to avoid trouble from insects and animals.

Keep a fire extinguisher and work gloves in your car at all times.

Let dogs smell the back of your hand before attempting to pet them.

Always say hello to crows. They are intelligent and will know who you are.

Men should carry a handkerchief in their back pocket at all times.

Lawn & yard waste should be cut into pieces less than a foot long before putting into a trash barrel.

Print out your boarding pass for a flight, mobile apps slow the process for everyone.

Check your luggage, do not carry on.

When in a new town looking for a place to eat, find the place with the most local cars parked in front.

Have your package addressed and ready before going to the post office.

Have a flashlight with you when you travel.

Backup all your computing devices to the cloud.

Keep your passports & important documents in a fireproof, waterproof safe or container.

Always use synthetic motor oil.

Whenever you have the chance, be charging your electronics. ABC — Always Be Charging.

Do not keep your phone in the room your sleep in overnight.

Always read the instructions.