Cone crusher and impact crusher which is better

With the construction industry in recent years, popular form, corresponding also led to the development of the industry crusher, crusher construction industry is the main source of a steady stream of sand and gravel aggregate. Crushers are lots of different models, types, such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and so on. All of these crushers have a certain understanding, but we can distinguish different crushers you, for example, cone crusher and impact crusher What difference does it make?

Shanghai Joyal is a professional mining machinery crusher manufacturer, where the Shanghai Joyal mining machinery simple and we talk about the difference between cone crusher and impact crusher. The first is the difference between the two ways of crushing cone crusher is mainly broken by squeezing the material to achieve the effect, impact crusher is by way of the strong impact of the crushing.
 Under normal circumstances extrusion crusher for crushing materials Bibi low, reached only 20, while the impact crusher is much larger than that, often reaching 50. From this we can see the impact crusher better, the range of materials can be broken relatively wide, and squeeze crusher is suitable for a number of brittle coarse crushed material.
 However, due to the impact of the impact crusher to bear the material is relatively large, so the degree of wear of some parts of the impact crusher cone crusher more powerful than, the frequency of replacement impact crusher parts faster.

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