Every person is born unique, each being has a unique DNA. This is an evidence that each has a potential to bring out something rather unique.

It is not necessary that we follow the footsteps of some great people who have accomplished much in their lifetime. This universe has a huge network of paths from one place to another. It is up-to each one of us to find a new one; it will be counter productive to retrace the same path if not foolish. What path worked for one, will not necessarily not work for the other.

If we do follow our own path, It is OK to fall and bring us up again. You are not defined by others who comment or impose their own autobiographies on you, because you are not walking their path. Now, the question appears before us, if things are so tough then Why walk ? Why not be swept by the forces of nature.

Such a sweep will imply that we want no control over things, no affirmations, no paths and no end goals. This will surely be ride similar to roller-coaster, enjoyable at first but a torture in the long run.

So, if we really know what choices we have then we could make decisions. The good thing is we can resume our tread on the Path which we need to ply at any given time. Our Universe is huge and paths are created as per our choosing. This choice is enabling, as we are conscious as to what we want for ourselves.

There is another good realization that I want to use, it is the concept of “Star dust” from the popular show on Netflix called “COSMOS”. Each being in this planet has Star-dust, clouds of hot gases fused together to form the Sun, the moon and the Planets including our beloved Earth. The life form that began in Earth is attributed to the Star dust that started fusing 3 Billion years ago. Isn’t it wonderful to see that although we have unique DNAs but we are derivatives of the same Star Dust ?

This goes onto to show that our lives are not a independent reality but an interdependent one. It means that although we are unique, we still share the same fundamentals. It means if we violate the principles of this Universe we not only wreak it for ourselves but also for others. We pay consequence for all the violations that we commit.

It is this concept that many civilizations have gone at length to encode in our philosophy. The respect for one’s ancestors, heritage, country, tribe is only a lower form of acknowledging that we are all derivatives of a greater truth and reality.

To sum it up what I would like to say is, we all have our paths to discover. It will be easy to do so, if we could acknowledge the fundamental truths of our Universe.

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