Luxury and vacations are two things that go hand in hand for people around the world. Travel is form of vacation that most enjoys and cruise ships one can enjoy the beauty of Sun, Sea and nature too. Cruising is now a major part of the global tourism mainly focussed in the Caribbean or Mediterranean region of the world. Its offices are located in the United States, United Kingdom, Australia and Switzerland as well.


Viking ocean cruises include journeys from Baltic, Scandinavia, North American, Mediterranean and Caribbean areas. Launched in 2013 only Viking ocean cruises are gaining a lot of attraction across the global tourism for its amenities and received awards as well. These are large cruise ships with carrying facilities up to 1000 in numbers. Most of the luxury amenities of the premium cruises are available i.e. Wi-Fi internet, Beer & Wine with lunch & dinner, Spa, 24 hour room service, restaurant dining and miscellaneous services for complete package.


Viking has offered river cruises across European and Asian rivers across 1997 with 60+ vessels which carries around 200–250 passengers in each trip. These modern luxury ships have contemporary designs which are proficient in all manufacturing standards. All the ships in these cruises are named after Norse Mythology.


European river cruises include some of the artistic view rivers of the whole Europe including i.e. Rhone, Elbe, Main, Seine and Danube and Russia’ Volga’s Svir. Passing thorough incredible scenery like Germany, France, Switzerland, sightseeing of Paris, Wachau Valley in Austria, and Tulips & Windmills of Amsterdam, Elegance of Normandy, Portugal rivers, and verdant vineyards in vineyards. There are so many to count for with Europe being home to ancient and modern architecture.


Viking cruises also travels through Asian rivers through China, Beijing, Shanghai, Hanoi, Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Yangtze’s dramatic Three Gorges in China, Myanmar’s fabled Irrawaddy with Mekong in Cambodia and Vietnam. Filled with amazing natural scenery they provide its visitors with the history of civilization that went past through these astonishing journeys.

The packages offered are inclusive of Cruise fare, port taxes, onboard meals, restaurant dining, Wi-Fi throughout ship, Spa, 24 hour room service, Beverages (Wine, Beer & soft drinks etc), Tea, Coffee, Laundry, Bottled water, performance and shows which everyone enjoys. Airport transfer charges are included if you use Viking Air as well. In last few years alone Viking Cruise lines have earned some of the major awards in the cruise industry. With cruiseviking you will get the exclusive Viking cruise offers on its river and cruise lines. These deals can make your vacation filled with more enjoyment.

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