Contemplating Contemplation

photo by Carmen Rumbaut of her brother Carlos Rumbaut’s bead chain of time and evolution

By contemplation I mean just watching the thoughts that go by. Some of them are interesting and I pick them up and play a while. Other times, I like to just relax with the flow, like watching a slide show. Both of those practices are relaxing, and we all have a lot of relaxing to do!

Then there is another step of just paying attention to the awareness that is conscious of the thoughts.

My poems often come from a sense that I want to remind myself of something. This one is to remember to pay attention to the watcher watching.

Notes To Remember

May I recognize my pain
And yet relax within,
Accepting all emotions as
A parade of dancing flames.
May I let my thoughts arise
And subside back into space.
In the openness of mind,
may my gratitude remain.

I hope this short article and poem encourages you to contemplate, without lots of rules and limitations, but just watching your thoughts run like dogs at a dog park. Laugh at the dogs and enjoy them. Then turn to the one who is watching. And write a few notes afterwards of what you want to remember.

Please share some of those notes here!



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Carmen Rumbaut

a spark of infinity, shaped by humor, a song that goes into the night