Friendship Goals — The Importance Of Having A Support System

Celebrating my 21st Birthday with nine of the loveliest ladies I know.

Last year I made a goal to “invest more in relationships and less in material things”.

I’ve always been a firm believer in the importance of having a solid support system and despite what some people may think in regards to not needing friends to be happy, these are the people that have a massive impact on our thinking, our behaviour, and our self-development. Now I’m not saying that the more friends you have the better. Each to their own, some people prefer having a few close friends while others like to have many.

I used to be someone that thought that I could handle my problems myself. I thought that by turning to my friends to vent about whatever struggle I was going through, it would bother them because it didn’t concern them and that in doing so, I would be less independent.

However, as I previously mentioned, I made a goal last year to “invest more in relationships and less in material things”. I made it a point to try to be more open with my friends about my personal issues. You have to understand, my closest friends are people I have known for several years, some of which I met back in my primary school days yet I was in the mindset that I wanted to build the closeness of my friendships by encouraging them to be more open with me yet I was holding back from doing the same.

I quickly learnt that friendship, or any relationship really, is a two-way street.

I allowed myself to talk more about the struggles I was undergoing and to my surprise, I discovered that oftentimes my friends were going through something similar. This is all probably nothing new to many of you, it’s common sense that people will be more open to you if you are to them but for those of you who like me, have a harder time talking about your feelings and personal issues, I promise you that your close friends really will care to hear about what you’re going through. It’s not selfish to want to talk about your problems and a lot of the time, your support system will be those that can help you make sense of your situation as it can be hard to understand things when something is causing you sadness or stress.

As a result, I really can say that I feel my friendships have grown tremendously in the past year. Yes, I do rely on them a lot more now but it’s only because I learnt to truly understand what the phrase, “that’s what friends are for” meant. I also realised that to be independent and to be reliant on your friends are not mutually exclusive things. Your friends are there to support you and by being more open with them, it’s a way of showing that you trust them.

Try to surround yourself with people that inspire you, share your values, and lift you up. As cheesy as it sounds, life is too short so why not spend it in the company of those that make us happy and add value to our lives.