How To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever?

Marriage is one long affair, long enough to make two people fall in love with each other, to commit to live together forever. Those two people decide to take their relationship forward and marriage becomes the ceremony to bind those two people in the holy bond. For the bride and the groom, the marriage ceremony feels like butterflies fluttering inside their stomachs but as soon as the ceremony comes closer those butterflies die under stress. Marriage is an event that will never happen again so the couple wants to make the most of their day. A lot of planning and scheduling goes on to make the marriage one happy affair. But the bride and the groom alone cannot work for the big day and that is when the bridesmaid and the groomsman kick in.

Let us get acquainted with the ways in which you can be the best bridesmaid ever.

How To Be The Best Bridesmaid Ever?

#1. Save Today, Spend Tomorrow.

Start saving for the bachelorette and the other ceremonies from the day of the announcement or before if your friend had secretly informed you about her plan. The whole event is going to cost you a lot and cannot ask others to pay every time. You need to have a budget for yourself if you are going to be planning everything.

#2. It’s Now Or Never.

You know the date and the time left to arrange everything. Do not leave anything for later even if the occasion is months away. You need to start planning already. You need to book halls with the couple and you need to start organizing stuff that you will need for all the occasions. Usually, we leave some things for tomorrow that we think are not so important but when you need them you do not find them on time. This leaves a bad impression on the bride and the other guests who will be coming. Remember you have to prove yourself to be the best bridesmaid ever.

#3. End The War!

The biggest responsibility you have taken as a bridesmaid is to keep everything in harmony. You need to communicate with the bride about all the arrangements and the issues you are facing. Whatever it may be you need to talk about them with the bride because only she can resolve some issues.

#4. The Wedding Dress

The most important thing for a bride is her dress and her groom. So, you should start window shopping for the dress so that you can buy a gorgeous dress for the bride at a cheaper price. The dress for the bride, for the other girlfriends, the family and yourself are a part of your responsibility. From watching over that nobody spoils the dress to seeing that the dresses fit everyone is going to be your job.

#5. Do Not Panic!

You will be saving the bride from the stress before the marriage and on the day marriage which will definitely affect you. You will be doing a lot of work that will leave you in stress. You will start panicking when you will not find things in the way as you planned. It is normal to panic a bit but do not allow the emotions take a toll on you.

#6. Party Like A Wildcat?

In the midst of all the preparations, you are going to forget that the marriage is a celebration. You are preparing to celebrate the communion of two people and a beginning of a new life. So, party hard and let your stress bust into pieces.

#7. Mayday! Mayday!

You should always be prepared for the worst. Take a bag and keep all the things that can be used in case of emergencies that may not be available at the venue. You should keep a compact first aid box, needle and thread in case anybody’s dress tears, safety pins and hairpins etc. you should be ready with the emergency bag to save the day if anything wrong happens.

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