How to deal with a Controlling Friend?

All of us have friends in our lives who always try to get their way. They want us to do exactly what they say and get mad when we do otherwise. Most of the time, we oblige just because we do not want to escalate things but there comes the point when we can no longer bear being told what to do all the time. It’s not that we do not love spending time with them anymore, but it is just that there is a part of their behavior that they need to change.

Do you have a similar kind of person in your friend circle? Do you know how to deal with such personalities? No? Well, then no worries as we are going to tell you How to deal with a Controlling Friend. Here are some tips.

#1. Avoid Reacting To Their Behavior

One thing that all controlling friend have in common is that they are always seeking reaction to their behavior and they do not respond well to criticism or resistance as well. For instance, if you get aggressive or mad at them for telling you what to do all the time, they backfire. Therefore, the best thing you can do when your friend is trying to control you is avoiding giving them any sort of reaction.

#2. Try Empathizing With Them

While there are no excuses for behaving badly with your friend, it can be helpful for you to try to see where they are coming from. There may be underlying emotional issues that have turned your friend into a control freak, and understanding these can help you zero in on the best way to address their need for control. The origin of their controlling nature could be an overpowering parent or anxiety . Their nature could also be a result of a background that values certain behaviors.

#3. Never Get Into An Argument

Controlling friend love power struggles and never give up in an argument even when they know that they are on the wrong side. All they want is to rope in someone into an argument and keep it going till that person admits defeat. The feeling of winning is a need that they just can’t get enough of. If you want to keep things calm and poised, never let the discussion get into an argument. Keep listening to them, nod your head, and wait for them to get tired of speaking all the time.

#4. State Your Basic Rights

Never forget your rights. We are not talking about the ones you enjoy being the citizen of your country, but the ones that you have while engaging in a dialogue with your friends. These are being addressed with respect, offered the opportunity to express your thoughts, have your separate opinions from the group and chance to say ‘no’ without the guilty feeling.

#5. Limit Interactions With Your Controlling Friend

Sometimes, the best way to handle a controlling friend is to create some distance between you and them. If they still haven’t corrected their behavior after you have talked to them about it, then they need to realize that their actions can have consequences and you cannot compromise on your individuality. Hopefully, this will make them aware of their detrimental actions.

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