The boy who crawled into my apartment to ‘invite’ me for a night of steaming hot adult gyrations was finally caught this morning(11th Jan 2017).

I discovered he stole my back up phone (a cracked-faced BlackBerry Z3) yesterday morning when my Tecno camon C8 was messing up.

So, the hunt got hot.

Anyway, I was very disappointed because I was quite nice to this boy and saw him as ‘my friend’. He stays with my neighbour and I took him like my younger one.

I should’ve known there was fire on the mountain the day the boy abandoned all sense of reasoning and fired up a pornographic video in my sitting room one night while waiting for his brother to come home.

That day, I felt I had done enough and gotten through to his soul by chastising him and giving him mature advice.

Stealing into my apartment through the roof and dropping a love note is evidence that the advice fell on deaf ears!

What more?

He denied everything to my face until my neighbour stripped him naked and proceeded to carry out an army-style torture on him!

Few minutes of merciless beating and threats of posting his pictures all over Facebook, he confessed and went to bring my phone from his house.

Anyways, I’ve gotten my phone back and I’m resetting all my accounts because he had wiped it clean (flashed it) and set up his.

There’s a lesson from all these though and its something I love to preach.

From all the messages I read on the retrieved phone, some of his family members knew he had a BlackBerry phone but none asked where a 17 year old secondary school student got it from.

He was also sending airtime to them on demand. No one asked where he was getting money from.

Also, on unlocking the phone, a woman with a bust-size most men would lose their senses over, stared intently at me. Which means, he’s already addicted.

This boy is at a stage where he’s experiencing hormonal disruption and sexual awareness. It is normal especially for boys.

However, this is also the most crucial stage or phase in any man’s upbringing. This is when he is in dire need of good and responsible father figure/authority.

His father is alive and well with no indication of estrangement but his son is out there seeking help in all the wrong places and in wrong ways.

What a disgrace!

Family is key in the development of any society and the nation at large. If we keep neglecting our duties as parents and as a befitting mirror for generations behind, believe me, we’ve all failed.

It doesn’t matter how many millions of Naira or Dollars you make or how famous you are. If your life is not worth emulating and no one in the generation behind you has been positively impacted especially before you die, your life is just a march-past! Spectacular but forgotten with the last sound of the drum.

I made a promise not to post the boy’s pictures and other evidences on grounds of protecting his image. Who knows? He may find help and be the CEO of a reputable company in future, I choose to give him that chance.

And I really do hope and pray that this boy finds help. I pray that God willing, in the next 10 years, news of good exploits and great achievements by him will reach me.

I don’t know why but I’ve forgiven him and my heart is full of pity for him.

It is well.

By Adeola Oshinaike