Social Media Manager for Band

The music industry is one of the fastest growing businesses in the world. The rise of technology has allowed everyone from massive pop stars to kids in their basement to record and share their product. With so much music being produced, it seems impossible to separate a band or artist from the crowd.

This is where a social media manager steps in.

The age of social media is undoubtedly in its prime as the ability to connect world wide with others is becoming more easily accessible. With that, there has been an up-rise of public figures who have gained fame from simply utilizing their social media accounts. Putting this in the perspective of music, social media gives an artist the ability to share their work and ideas internationally, and possibly find fame.

What then is the role of a social media manager? In short, it is someone who strategically organizes posts and interactions on media outlets in order to further the success of a company, person, or band.

While there are many groups or people who state this as their profession, a few shine above the rest. In my opinion, someone who is mastering social media is one who is always pushing for better humorous or eye catching content. Two great examples of this are Dj Khalid and basketball’s Atlanta Hawks media manager, Jaryd Wilson.

For many, artist Dj Khalid had become more of a throwback artist with his hit song “All I Do is Win” than someone who is cutting edge. However, this quickly changed with the inception of Khalid’s Snapchat wildness. The forgotten artist quickly became a household name as he ingeniously posted hilarious, crazy, and memorable videos throughout his day.

Another example of a social media creator who is doing it right is the Atlanta Hawks’ media manager, Jaryd Wilson. By always staying up to date with internet memes, sports news and what fans are talking about, Wilson creates a pleasantly shocking experience for viewers. By standing out so significantly from other sports teams’ media, the Hawks’ fan-base has grown drastically and reached outside of their city and sport.

Tying all of this into music, finding content that will make an impression as well as promoting a band’s music could greatly impact a group’s success. Finding when to post and what to post is just as important as maintaining a relationship with fans.

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