I am trying to locate what it feels like to exist right now — what it means to fall & fall again, which is nothing new to me — but the degree of isolation is even more pronounced —

How do I convey the sheer rage that runs through me? People are trying to make what they can of this time. People are also trying to galvanize momentum for social change, as ever with urgent zeal. People are trying to create some version of #hotgaysummer despite the pandemic. It’s easier to focus my rage at the people everyone in my…

I think the discursive trend of “if someone tells you you made them uncomfortable or hurt them, just shut up and apologize and make sure you never do it again” is a really dangerous line of response. When advocated as a general strategy, it is reactionary in a deeply puritan sense.

I think that changing our behaviour takes a lot of messy, painful work to shift interpersonal dynamics, probably time and space, and various environmental / interpersonal factors (including ways of dealing with stress, meeting access needs, having material resources, recognizing multiple dis/abilities) that can actually create the conditions for…

Shana Bulhan

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