The Netflix Effect

As usual, this caught my eye as I am a big fan of Netflix. Interesting points that you highlighted about internet usage in the US. I agree with the data you showed where more people are now using the internet in the US. I am not surprised with the data that a third of intent usage in the US is attributed to Netflix.

This business model provides an option for viewers to watch movies or TV series whenever they want it and wherever they want. For me, this is the selling point of Netflix, Flexibility for consumers (Unlike TV and cinemas where you need to follow a specific time/schedule).

It would be interesting to see how Netflix will penetrate markets who have challenges on internet access. This can range from a slow connection to no internet access at all. What are the ICT considerations should Netflix focus on? Do you think partnering with local internet or cable providers will be beneficial to improve the service? I read an article about Netflix plan to Comcast cable TV.

This can be a game changer. Competitors are becoming business partners. How will this impact the local and international economic market specifically in the entertainment industry? I reckon partnering with cable provider will increase the customer base of the company. I also think that this partnership with Comcast may open new opportunities for Netflix to offer other products that are attractive to both cable and Netflix users.