I think the thing to keep in mind when considering payment methods is the country in which you are…
M A Bradshaw

I agree with you. The points you highlighted above are the reasons why I got interested in writing RSS payment systems. Bottom line, they need to have other payment options regardless where and when to implement it. At the moment RSS companies only offer credit card payment option to customers. This is something that companies like Uber, Lyft, Taxi Magic need to consider as they operate internationally.

RSS companies need to conduct their due diligence research on which country is worth investing in offering other payment options. “Where to implement,” “is it worth to do it” and “when to implement it” are questions that need to be addressed by each RSS organisations when doing their business case analysis.

Introducing other payment systems are not only about adopting to the cultural norm; there are other factors such as the economic state of the country, access to the internet and legal implications. It is indeed an interesting topic, and it is really good to know people like you also got interested in RSS payment methods. In my next blog, I will be discussing some legal implications. Watch this space!

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