Should You Practice Yoga? Is Yoga for You? Here Are Reasons Why IT IS!

“Zen Gold” by Hartwig HKD license under CC BY-ND 2.0


I’ve been studying Sri. K. Pattabhi Jois’s books (Yoga Mala) and Youtube videos about Ashtanga Yoga over the past two weeks. Just reintroducing myself to the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga — the most basic/beginner of Ashtanga yoga practices — in order to adapt my current injuries to my yoga practice. My studies have reminded me of how I spent my time before studying Yoga at the KPJAY Shala in Mysore. In order to prepare for the course, I read a bunch of books, watched videos, and luckily came across a yoga inspiration in the form of a young woman named Laruga Edrich. She maintains an active blog called PEACELOVEYOGA. On her site, she often talks about her own experience into yoga and her the constant fluctuations in her own practice. Although she’s an uncommonly flexible and advanced yogi, her outlook towards her practice is fresh and relatable. What I love the most is how full her blog is. From personal experiences, quotes, art, and videos — it has everything. For example, I love the following quote, as it applies to our current topic:


Take a look at the following video interview with Laruga which I am pulling from her most recent blog posts in order to hear from her own mouth on Ashtanga Yoga, Personal Practice, Teaching, Fourth Series.



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