Redux’ing without Redux
Mehdi Mollaverdi

Dan is crazy smart, and I really need more time to invest in learning how Redux and React work better. I’m using it enough to get by at work, and trying to migrate from Windows clients to the web and do things the right way. For me, I keep thinking I need something central purely because I want to control by messaging, and Redux seems to be a good analogue for messaging through a central store.

This is especially the case when I want to use something like websockets to communicate updates from other clients and back from the server.

Purely for keeping state on a form though it does feel like overkill, and I am continually re-thinking the nesting of my application and which components really need to communicate with others.

I’m going to be going back over this post to feed back into that thinking, I think… I probably brought into the “right” way, and using more than I need.

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