Debunking “Trans Women Are Not Women” Arguments
Julia Serano

“… there was something wrong our being assigned a male sex at birth”.

You weren’t “assigned” a sex like you would be assigned a task at a job. You were biologically a male from birth. There wasn’t any subjective opinion involved in this.

“… and I routinely experience sexism as a result.”

What sexist experiences have you had?

“ For instance, people might argue that trans women are not “genetically female,” despite the fact that we cannot readily ascertain anybody’s sex chromosomes.”

Do you know what sex chromosomes you have?

“ Other common appeals to biology center on reproduction — e.g., stating that trans women have not experienced menstruation, or cannot become pregnant. This ignores the fact that some cisgender women never menstruate and/or are unable to become pregnant.”

Yes, but there are biological and verifiable reasons for why a cis woman can’t become pregnant. For trans women, the answer is simple: You don’t have female reproductive organs.

I didn’t see anything about trans suicide rates here. Maybe I missed it. It’s an important part of the discussion.

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