Medium: An Onboarding Story

I just created my Medium account after a not-so-brief hiatus from the platform. I love the stories that all of you talented people are posting.

But onboarding for Medium sucks.

Once you get past entering your information and choosing your favorite topics, it’s just a downward slope. I just want to post some of my gripes.

Who the fuck are all these people

The list of suggestions (and it is a long, long list) that the website provides doesn’t do any of the content creators justice.

Stop giving me information I don’t know how to use

Why is this a thing? To help me find my friends? So I can follow up-and-coming users? Give me some guidance here, people.

Different languages are cool but only if I speak them

It’s awesome that there are people everywhere using Medium. But at least ask me what languages I speak so that your suggestions are more on-point.

Thanks for the curveball

This one should go without mentioning (don’t hate me). If people are able to mention anything without the full URL present, let it be other Medium users!

So much for equality

In the suggested users under Equality, there’s on a handful of suggestions for people of color, LGBTQ+ individuals, etc. Most of the users are white feminists. That’s awesome but give new users some diversity in the Equality category.

Hey, sign up for spam

Without giving the user any information on what they’re following, you’re asking the user to sign up for spam essentially.

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