The Link Between Fantasy Sports & Business

How well is Zucks’ fantasy football team doing?

Last night, as I wallowed in the bitter mediocrity of my 9th place (out of 15) fantasy hockey team, “1000 Duck-Sized Horses”, I began to stalk the lineups of the other teams in my league. Upon inspection, I was surprised to learn many team owners have not made a single change to their teams since draft day in September. No waiver pickups, no trades. This is in sharp contrast to my approach (12 acquisitions, 4 trades). Given my business-inclined predisposition, I began to think about the correlations between fantasy sports and business activity.

Guys, this is real. The “draft well, only make changes when absolutely necessary” school of fantasy owners are a very real group of business men and women. The business owners and CEO’s who create long-range plans and stick to them, environmental changes be damned. They ride out the tough spots and look like geniuses when market conditions nestle up close to their positioning. It’s a proven strategy that has inspired thousands of idioms.

By contrast, the “draft as well as you can with limited preparation, then out-hustle everyone else to mold the best team” approach also represents a certain group of operators. They make a loose plan, pivot early and often, and feverishly try to keep ahead of the next market trend. This is the team I belong on.

So, which approach is better? Both. Both are better.

After examining not only my own 15-team division but the whole 90-team league, I can’t find any evidence that either approach is indicative of higher or lower placement in the standings. Likewise, the planners and the pivoters both have a place at the table in the business world. But everything changes, all the time. Market changes (injuries), disruptions (hot-hand rookies) and disastrous executive positioning (hiring John Torterella) are all looming on the horizon. So make a plan, but write it with a pencil.

Ultimately, time will declare a winner, with some teams (companies) heading to the ‘ship, and others fire-selling at the trade deadline (you get it).

In the meantime, I’ve got Brandon Saad on the trading block. Any takers?

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