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Research has proven that lotteries are often played for the wrong reasons. Not for fun, or opportunism “impossible, but why not?” To win, but played by unemployed, recently dismissed or those who really need money. We at LOTEO believe that the old state lottery model can be changed using blockchain technology with the following key points from the LOTEO platform: · Overall transparency and trust from prize distribution — 75% for players · lottery rules once arranged using smart contracts that are difficult to change · Random Number Auditors and Smart Contracts · Higher probability of winning prizes — there are winners in each lottery · Winner anonymity but with blockchain that can tracked · generous and space affiliation PROGRAM · All profit sharing is immediately distributed to LOTES holders after each lottery


Loteo is a licensed gambling website where the main product is a lottery. Their platform is functioning and several other games will be launched next month. After completing their STO (from LOTES, security tokens) some time ago, the team decided to create a bounty program where participants will be given prizes in LOTEU tokens (utility tokens). This token can be used to play games on the platform or even double your chances in the lottery while it can also be traded on an exchange in the future.

How to Work Loteo

Users enter the lottery by buying single tickets for the LOTEO weekly lottery using the Ethereum cryptocurrency, or via a 0.33 party merchant. Each Ethereum wallet address that has purchased entry is then registered as a participant in the LOTEO weekly lottery. At a later date, LOTEO will add a daily lottery ruled by means of the equal rules.

The LOTEO lottery will be carried out through a smart contract that will make use of a random wide variety generator (RNG), the code of which will be publically viewable on GitHub and Etherscan. The pool for drawing consists only of lottery tickets (based on the Ethereum addresses of the entrees) as an alternative of drawing random numbers, therefore every drawing must have a winner.


LOTEO is a absolutely automatic lottery platform that makes use of blockchain and clever contract to create a totally transparent lottery, where your possibilities are incomparably higher than conventional lotteries.

There are numerous troubles with “classic” lotteries, which have been overcome with LOTEO.

Possibility of winning. Unlike conventional lotteries where you wager towards an unknown variety of drawn numbers, in LOTEO you wager solely against different tickets purchased, an quantity that is several thousand instances less than the quantity of manageable winning mixtures in fashionable lotteries. Thanks to the blockchain, the device is obvious and you can tune all transactions. You have the threat to win each time the lottery takes vicinity because you are making a bet only in opposition to a certain quantity of participants.

Transparency. All transactions and rewards are seen on the blockchain at any time.

Confidence. Being ruled with the aid of smart contract rather than through governments or non-public individuals, the drawing procedure will become automatic.

How does the affiliate software work?

For the first ticket purchased via a registered user via an affiliate link, the affiliate partner will obtain 50 LOTEU (utility token) + 4% of each ticket cost bought at ETH, whilst the newly registered user will get hold of 100 LOTEU. Note: each one hundred LOTEU (2 registered users) will double the chances of winning. During the reference sale of the LOTEPASS, each affiliated partner can request 500 LOTEUs and 4% of the price of every ticket in the ETH.

The affiliate associate has the right to be rewarded with every sale of a wholesale LOTEOMAXX package. However, the wholesale package deal bonus (10, 20, 50, 100) can solely be requested as soon as per user, per year. There is no hassle for 4% of every ticket price in ETH.

The Technology Offered By LOTEO

The Loteo mission uses blockchain technology and clever contracts as the basis. All facts recorded on the blockchain is regarded to many people, so the lottery commercial enterprise made by way of Loteo is fully transparent.

By being governed by means of clever contracts rather than governments or private individuals, the drawing manner becomes automated.

There are many problems with current blockchain-based digital gambling platforms. They are often too complicated, suitable only for crypto enthusiasts, imparting an unsophisticated design that is neither fascinating nor consumer friendly.

Media Lotery Changes from Paper to Digital.

With Loteo you can be a part of the Lottery with the resource of the utilization of tickets, unlike lotteries, in general, the use of numbers.

There will usually be winners in each Lotery, very awesome from the lottery in general.

Opportunity to win is higher than different lotteries.

You can double your danger to win a lottery by means of way of the use of Loteu token.

Okay, that is it for this article if the records I grant is then again missing in accordance to the readers, I recommend to go to the link underneath to get more archives about the loteo platform.

Campaign Bounty Loteo

LOTEO Bounty Information

Bounty Duration: 12 Weeks
Token Distribution: 2 Weeks after the bounty is finished
Token Price: 1 LOTEU =?
Blockchain: Ethereum
KYC / AML: No.
Bounty Manager: Sapta aka BitrentX

LOTEO Bounty Allocation

Twitter Campaign — 1,000,000 LOTEU
Facebook Campaign — 1,000,000 LOTEU
Telegram Campaign — 500,000 LOTEU
Blog & Translation Campaign — 500,000 LOTEU
Youtube Video Campaign — 1,000,000 LOTEU
Signature Campaign — 1,000,000 LOTEU

For more information about Loteo Project, you can visit the link below:

BitcoinTalk (ANN):

Bitcointalk name: agg2702
Bitcointalk Link:;u=2180016

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