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Instability and a collapse in trust have plagued the crypto industry during the year 2022, due to several high-profile events that affected DeFI and CeFI.

Lately, traditional banks have caught the attention of all of us. Recent turbulence in banking due to lack of risk management has increased interest in crypto assets, which are in fact looking more attractive than ever.

Today, investors are hedging traditional finance with crypto assets, a situation that would have been uneasy to imagine a couple of years ago. Bitcoin’s recent price surge by more than 60% proves that demand for crypto is rising more than ever. The market wants to take advantage of the opportunity and wants effective solutions to enter the digital asset space in a secure and safe way. There is a shift from traditional assets to crypto.

Nevertheless, the crypto assets markets, both CeFi and DeFi, are in the process of maturing and cleaning up. In an age of increased institutional appetite for diversifying portfolios with digital assets, institutions are becoming more aware of the risk associated with doing so, which causes them to be more cautious about laying all their eggs in one basket. This is where Crymbo’s solution fits perfectly. By simplifying the overall digital asset management process, Crymbo’s clients are able to trade, store, and manage digital assets securely and safely. The marketplace provides unified management, trade automation, risk diversification, and more.

Recent marketing exposure for Crymbo’s all-in-one gateway to institutional crypto management has led to industry attention and recognition.

Partnerships are on the rise

As a result of Crymbo team’s achievements in Q1, 2023, we have made major agreements with key players in the crypto industry.

  • Kraken — a United States-based cryptocurrency exchange, founded in 2011. It was one of the first bitcoin exchanges to be listed on Bloomberg Terminal and is reportedly valued at US$10.8 billion, as of mid-summer 2022.
  • Bitstamp — Bitstamp is the world’s longest-standing cryptocurrency exchange, continuously supporting the crypto economy since 2011. With a proven track record and mature approach to the industry, Bitstamp provides a secure and transparent trading venue to over four million individuals and enables a range of institutional partners to enter crypto markets through their time-proven infrastructure.
  • INX — INX provides a regulated trading platform for digital securities and cryptocurrencies. With the combination of traditional markets expertise and a disruptive fintech approach, INX provides state-of-the-art solutions to modern financial problems.

A number of additional liquidity providers are currently in discussions with Crymbo, and the team will provide you with updates as soon as they become available.

Major marketing events

It is our goal to reach out to the UK, EU, and Israeli markets, which is why we have participated in a number of events, showcasing our product and collaborating with potential customers and investors in these areas.

OVH/Alchemy Crew Startup Pitch | Jan. 2023 | UK

Our Smart Asset Management Solution was selected to pitch to potential customers and investors through this start-up program.

Presentation at Blockchain Economy | Feb. 2023 | London KBC Bank & Verzekering | Feb. 2023 | Luxemburg

Supported by The Israel Fintech Center, Embassy of Israel to Belgium and Luxembourg, and Luxinnovation GIE.

Crymbo announced a partnership with OKX, a major sponsor of the Blockchain Economy London event.

FinTech Week Tel Aviv | March 2023 | Israel

We presented our solution at the FinTech Week Tel Aviv.

Crymbo has been featured in the media

Yahoo Finance — PaperjamDelano — Crymbo integrates Bitstamp for institutional clients — Crymbo, le pont vers la cryptosphère pour la finance

Bitstamp partners with Crymbo to expand risk diversification to institutional clients

The partnership between Crymbo and Bitstamp has been covered by numerous well-known international media outlets in the US, EU, Asia and Australia. Our visit to the KBC Bank & Verzekering in Luxembourg has also been reported in the leading EU media journal.

Recognition for Crymbo is growing

The number of awards that Crymbo has received in the recent past is impressive.

  • At the Fintech Israel event, the company received the Fintech Israel organization award for Fintech technology investment 2023.
  • Crymbo has been named a finalist ahead of the UK Final of the StartUp Awards in the Rising Star category. The StartUp Awards has been launched to recognise the booming startup scene across the UK which has accelerated since the 2019 pandemic. Supported nationally by Starling Bank, British Business Bank, BT, Creative Ideaz, GS1 UK, Jeeves, Join Talent, ScoreApp and The Purposeful Project, the programme will celebrate the achievements of the amazing individuals who have turned an idea into an opportunity and taken the risk to launch a new product or service. The ceremony will take place on June 8th.
  • We are so excited that Crymbo has been selected as one of the start-ups out of 1000s applications to participate in Money 20/20 event on June 6–8, one of the major events in the space. We won the whole marketing package at the conference. It includes a booth at the conference, a speaking slot, and complete marketing support from Money 20/20 organizers. A new space created exclusively for us to showcase our business and how we’re changing the fintech space, as well as finding the investment we need to continue the growth.

Save the date: Money20/20 Europe

Jun. 2023 | Netherlands

Our company has been selected for the event’s Startups program in 2023, where we will gain massive exposure to showcase and pitch our solution on the biggest fintech stage in the EU. Potential customers and investors are our target audience at the conference, as well as new business partnerships.

New Team Member

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Emile Davidson as Sales Director based in the UK.

Emile has extensive experience in the FinTech sector, as well as a large network of institutional clients in finance. Welcome to the team, Emile!

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