Stem Cell Banking Cost in UAE

A very challenging new chapter has opened up in the history of medical science and practice. A revolutionary stem cell therapy for hardly curable diseases has come up. Dreaded diseases like Thalassaemia, cancers, heart problems, diabetes approx. 80 diseases have been treated with miraculous result world over. We have heard of a heart transplant, kidney transplant, liver transplant blood transfusion, etc. with awe. Just imagine, we can make our own defect organs repair itself within our body. Our blood could get purified in the body itself. Won’t you call it a miracle! This is what is going to happen; once stem cell therapy becomes a common therapy everywhere.

This can be a dream come true, provided society acts vigorously to spread message and knowledge,and also control the price line of stem cell banking. Stem cell therapy is still out of reach of common man. It is so, because stem cell though abundant in cord blood, banking and preservation of the cells is very low compared to demand. The cost of stem cell banking is very high everywhere. Similarly, stem cell banking cost in UAE is equally high. Public awareness is negligible. Some couples have heard of it, few understand and accept it, a very little can afford it. The story is same in UAE, Dubai, Asian countries, US and on. Make the cost affordable,the number of donors will increase immediately. But the irony is, all good things move slowly. Only wildfireand gossip can flare rapidly.

Cryobanksgulf is trying to capture the market by creating a good network and giving quality service so that customers get value for money. Many stem cell treatment patients from UAE go to USA,UK, for treatment paying a very high cost not knowing that stem cell banking cost in UAE can make stem cell banking affordable.

Making stem cell banking cost in UAE low compared to other countries will not be a loss-making a decision. The number of donors will increase; treatment could be made available within the country.

Plan wholeheartedly and save the badly suffering patients. God has provided; we need to work on making it abundant.

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