Buy It Thinking You Will Hold It Forever — Warren Buffet.

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Time to buy the dip. The pair BTC/USD has fallen drastically.

CrypKart offers a not to be missed launch offer. One can trade BTC for FREE — 0% Fee. CrypKart is peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange with an existing more than 7000 registered users. Trading on CrypKart platform is very easy, fast, user-friendly and secure.

HURRY — Last few hours left for claiming the FREE CrypKoins worth 10$. FREE CrypKoin bounty ends within few hours as we are gearing up for the LAUNCH. Don’t miss this chance.


Crypkart Pre-Launch

Earn free CrypKoins; participate in Crypkart-Angel Program.

CrypKart is a peer-to-peer crypto currency exchange — promoted by real traders.

CrypKart is looking for ‘ANGELS’ from each country in the world who are happy to help us grow. All you need to do is be active on our platform with one or more advertisements live (buy or sell).

Incentive for the same would be :
a) We pay you 1 CKN’s for every 2 hours of you being live with your advert.
(that is 12 CKN per day)
b) For every trade that you do we reimburse your brokerage.

Each CrypKoin…

“As a website and application designer, my sole objective has always been to deliver user friendly products to the people who hire me. User friendly products do not necessarily mean that they have a simple layout and a light engine. Having multitude levels of experience in creating Java syntax for very big names, my current association with is the most challenging, yet also the most fulfilling.

I have earlier been associated with huge names in the IT industry, Saggezza (UK), Vodafone’s ‘M-Paisa’ project (India), Facebook (Menlo Park, California, USA) division 8 projects like Aloha and some others which I…

The struggle for the average user trying to make a living off the internet is real.

Which project can they trust? Which project should they spend time working upon? How well are those efforts rewarded? Would one even get paid after putting in herculean efforts in marketing a third party product? All these concerns along with the added mental burden of first going in full throttle with a project and later remaining with nothing but a tarnished public image of self because of the project disappearing.

We address these issues and more with our intra website token CrypKoin (CKN). We…

“With emerging players in the cryptocurrency peer-to-peer space on a daily basis, it has become imperative to provide users with a trusted platform that they can use without giving a hind thought to the security of their information and funds. Having users with too much at stake in terms of confidential data and big amount of money which remains a constant liability for the company/website.

To have the users at subconscious ease is the need of the hour and that is where the experience comes in. I have worked at US Bank for a year and a half and on…

“As we live life and grow we come across many people and circumstances which helps in shaping our mindset; thought process which goes on to shape who we eventually become as people as well. The choices we make result in becoming our physical reality in terms of the life we live.

Neelam Patel — CFO —

Being true to oneself and the initial feelings that a person feels when confronted with difficult choices is in its essence one of the most difficult tasks faced by humans. This is simply so because our thought and mind remains clouded by our priorities, current needs and wants. Often…

The global banking and financial institution collapse in 2007–08, encouraged the need for institutions that were decentralised and allowed people to gain more power over their own finances. Enter Satoshi Nakamoto and Bitcoin, coining the phrase ‘cryptocurrency’, in 2009, revolutionised the internet space and gave economic freedom to people from outside of conventional banking and established institutions.

Initially confronted with cynicism and stigma, for being completely intangible, bitcoin and cryptocurrency soon debauched all fears and began flourishing in their environ and also soon giving birth to other new currencies (Ether/Monero etc.), running their own individual networks and engines.

Not far…


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